Park Resources

At the OK RV Park, our mission is to provide you with a memorable, relaxing and enjoyable stay at a fair price!

OK RV Park Pet Rules

  1. Leave pets tied up outside & unattended.
  2. Put up outside pens.
  3. Allow your pet to be a nuisance.
  4. Take pets inside OK RV buildings.
  5. Wash or dry pet bedding in our laundry.
  6. Walk by fence at 1 Yellow.
  7. Allow their barking to be a nuisance. You may be asked to leave the park.
  1. Keep your pet on a leash.
  2. Clean up the pood.
  3. Limit dogs to 3 per RV.

OK RV Park Rules & Reminders

  1. Wash your unit or vehicle (a water bucket with squeegee is ok).
  2. Share the lock combination.
  3. Park on the concrete or in a neighbor’s site.
  4. Pick fruit without permission.
  1. Park your vehicle in your site, in front or behind your RV.
  2. If you move your picnic table, put it back. (Damage to RVs has occurred.
  3. Throw trash in the dumpsters.
  4. Notify the office if you need to change sites.
  5. Notify the office staff to reset breakers -per Arizona Public Service.

Park Map